Kroger ends reusable bag discount

Don't Waste Your Money

Some good news and bad news for Cincinnati-area Krogershoppers.  First, the bad news.

No More Bag Discount

As of January 1, 2011,  Kroger has stopped giving a 3cent a bag discount for bringing your own re-usable bag.  Ithad done this to encourage customers to use environmentallyfriendly bags. 

For many customers who brought their own bags, that came to15 cents for a 5 bag shopping trip, so it's not that much of a bigchange, financially.

Some viewers tell us it reduces the incentive to reuse bags.However, Kroger says it was just a temporary bonus to help jumpstart the program, and was never intended to be permanent.

Easier to Understand Receipts

Now the good news: Kroger has simplified its mile long cashregister receipts to make it easier to understand your fuelrewards.

The receipts now tell you how many points you have, how manycan carry over, and when they expire.

As always, don't waste your money.


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