Kroger changes fuel rewards program

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Kroger is making changes to its fuel rewards program, after months of grumbling  from customers.

The Kroger fuel points program has been an enormous hit since it was rolled out in the Cincinnati area in 2001, allowing shoppers with a Kroger Plus card to save up to $1 a gallon on gas.

But some customers were unhappy with the fact that you could not decide how many reward points you wanted to use at one time. The problem was that if you needed just five gallons of gas, you could end up burning through most of your rewards. It was an "all or nothing" option that left some drivers unhappy.

Changes Give Shoppers More Options

But Kroger has listened to its customers, and as of this week it is giving shoppers more options on how they want to use their points.

You now have the option of redeeming just a limited number of your points at one time, choosing either a 10-cent discount, 30-cent discount, 50-cent discount, 80-cent discount, or $1 discount per gallon.

The advantage to this is that if your car is just half empty, you don't need to burn up all your fuel points at once.  You can now opt for a $1 a gallon discount if your car is on "E," but just a 30-cent discount if you need only a few gallons. 

That will save points for a later fillup, or for a spouse who also needs gas in their car.

You can continue to save 10 cents a gallon by using 100 fuel points at Cincinnati area Shell stations.

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions about the program and these changes.

Kroger hopes this will make its shoppers happier, and sell more gas at its fuel centers.

As always, don't waste your money.


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