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Kenwood spa salon closes, but helping clients

Unlike Identity Salon, gift cards to be honored
Posted: 10:42 AM, Dec 04, 2018
Updated: 2018-12-04 22:53:10Z

CINCINNATI — It's happened again. Six months after Cincinnati's Identity salon shut down, and three months after a Loveland spa's closing, another Tri-State salon and spa has closed. 

Sia Spa, next to Panera Bread on Montgomery Road in Kenwood, locked its doors this past weekend. The salon's website and Facebook page are down. But this time, it appears there will be a happy ending.

Gift cards will be honored by nearby doctor's office

Dr Davinder Mangat, who operates a nearby facial spa and surgery clinic in Kenwood, tells 9 On Your Side that his office will be honoring all gift cards to Sia Spa.

Existing clients were notified by email 30 days in advance about the closing, we have learned.

This is a far cry from what happened earlier this year with Linda Cooper's Identity salon, where dozens of customers were left with hundreds of dollars in worthless gift cards.

Andrea Lauren, who owns Alba Beauty Studio in Hyde Park, is still getting calls about that closing.

"We've actually had a lot of calls about Identity. Just the other day we had someone email us about a $300 gift card, and wanted to know if we would accept the value for that," she said.

She will honor $150 of the card.

At  Identity,  customers complained that no one told them the salon was having financial difficulties in the weeks before closing.

"They could have easily done a courtesy call with everyone saying, 'Hey, we're closing, Identity's last day is Monday or Sunday,' whatever it was," one customer told us at the time."

Similar situations happened this past fall with Tuscany Spa in Loveland, and in 2016 with Sableaux Spa in Northern Kentucky.

In all three of those cases, customers ended up with expensive gift cards they could not redeem.

What to know about gift cards

So how can you protect yourself?

Ask questions before you purchase a gift card from a salon that appears to be struggling. Warning signs a salon may be in danger of shutting down:

  • Are a lot or chairs suddenly empty?
  • Have a bunch of stylists recently left, and not been replaced?
  • Is it getting more and more run down? 
  • Are they having credit card issues, asking you to pay with cash?

Meantime, if you receive a salon gift card for Christmas, use it within a month or two. Don't wait until summer.

Remember that when a business closes, whether it is Identity Salon or Toys 'R' Us, gift cards often become worthless.

As for Sia Salon, it appears all customers will be taken care of, and should visit for more information.  If only all salons were this upfront when they closed.

As always don't waste your money.


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