4 ways to save on weddings

We're at the start of 2013's wedding season.  If you are getting married soon, or are the parent of a bride or groom, you probably want to save some money on that big day.

the average one now costs $25,000 and that's not even a high-end affair.y.

But the problem is you want to be able to control costs without coming across as a cheapskate.

So we have some new options to think about.

Limit Bar, Cake, Guests

 Smartmoney Magazine has listed some ways to cut those costs and still look classy.

       -Avoid Saturdays in June. Instead, consider Friday night or Sunday.

       -Buy a small wedding cake, and serve the guests from similar sheet cakes.

       -Have the wedding flowers double as table centerpieces.

       -Limit open bar to just an hour or so.

You'll save money, and send fewer drunks out on the road.

Doesn't that Stink?

But from the "doesn't that stink" file, the worst way to save on a wedding: scrimping on photography.

A cheap photographer may often take cheap looking photos.

Finally, the easiest way to keep wedding costs in check: keep the guest list down. The fewer people in attendance, the less you pay.

And that way you don't waste your money.



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