Pebble smartwatch on sale Sunday; Apple (AAPL) iWatch in the works

Don't Waste Your Money

We've all heard the buzz now for months about a possible Apple "smart" wristwatch.

But another company called Pebble is beating Apple to the punch. I has just released its own "smartwatch."

First One on Sale Sunday

Best Buy on Sunday July 7began selling the Pebble Smartwatch for $150.
Meantime, Bloomberg news reports that Apple is close to a smartwatch of its own, and has just applied for a trademark on the name "iWatch."

But Pebble will go down in history as the first.

Not a Smartphone on Your Arm

Fortune Magazine says most people have a misconception about how this kind of watch would work.

Fortune says smartwatches are not smartphones: That's too much technology in a small box. Instead, they will be bluetooth devices that display what is on your smartphone.

So you will need to have a phone in your pocket or purse for the watch to work.

The upcoming Pebble watch will synch with an iPhone or Android phone, and let you just glance at your wrist to check your messages.

That's a lot less rude than pulling out your phone during a meeting.

Whether or not you buy one, don't waste your money.

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