Facebook (FB) timeline stunk, now fixing it

Don't Waste Your Money

Do you you hate the way Facebook's timeline looks?

Apparently, a lot of users do, too, and so Facebook has just announced it is changing it, just a year after moving all its members to timeline.

The biggest complaint? Your posts are spread over two columns, so it can be tough to tell which came first, and even more difficult to follow them in chronological order.

So over the next few weeks, Facebook will change the timeline, switching over a few users at a time.

Among the changes:

       -Your posts will be once again lined up in a single column, on the right side of the page as they were before timeline.

       -The "About You" section will be permanently under your photo, allowing you to show off your likes and interests in a visible space, reminiscent of the old MySpace home page.

      -There will also be a section to display your favorite apps.

To see the new Timeline , click here,or go to www.techcrunch.com.

Facebook says it is constantly responding to member feedback, and obviously got the message a lot of users did not like timeline.

As always, don't waste your money.


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