Duke warns about roving energy salesmen

Don't Waste Your Money

Have you been approached by an aggressive salesman for a competing electric company?

Duke Energy says it is getting many complaints from confused or concerned homeowners in Southwest Ohio, where other companies are allowed to offer service.

Energy sales people are often paid by the number of homes they switch. So they may tell you anything, and ask to see your bill so they can copy down your account number, according to some former employees.

All they need is for you to sign something at that point, such as an "estimate," and you may find your gas or electric service switched. You gave your consent, and technically they did nothing wrong.

What to Watch For

Duke says watch for these questionable lines if an energy salesman knocks on your door or calls.

        "We can get you a rebate on your electric bill:" No, they can't give you a rebate or refund. 

       "We work with Duke:"  No they don't, they compete with Duke.

        "I just need you to sign this estimate:" Do not sign anything on the spot, or you may be consenting to changing gas or electric companies.

If an energy salesman is talking about great savings, tell them you will think about it overnight.  Then ask them for literature, and look their company up at the PUCO Apples to Apples comparison chart.

As always, don't waste your money.

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