Cincinnati Bell now offering electricity

Cincinnati Bell, the Tri-State's phone company  for the past century, now wants to be your electric company as well. No, I'm not kidding.

Cincinnati Bell is just the latest company to enter the crowded electric supplier market in Ohio, joining Dominion, First Energy, and others that are now allowed to offer their services to customers who formerly could only use Duke.

It's all part of electric deregulation in Ohio. These alternate providers are not available to customers in Kentucky or Indiana.

New Cincinnati Bell Offer

Cincinnati Bell Energy, a new arm of the phone company, is offering 25 - 35% off current Duke rates.  However, it is a variable rate, so it can change, unlike other providers that offer a locked in rate.

Don't worry about an electric shock when you pick up your wall phone: the electric will come through Duke's existing power lines, not your phone line. Your current electric meter will be used, and you will get your same gas and electric bill, just with a different provider.

Cincinnati Bell says its energy is "green," in that it only purchases energy from renewable resource suppliers.  Click here to read more on their website about the offer.

On paper, it appears to be a very competitive deal.  However, one caution: beware a termination fee if you have already switched to Dominion, First Energy, Duke "Retail" or another electric provider with a locked in rate.  It could cost as much as $150 to make the switch.

For the Ohio PUCO's Apples to Apples comparison of the half dozen electric alternatives, click here.

As always, don't waste your money.

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