Can Kindle Fire HD challenge the iPad?

Don't Waste Your Money

The tablet wars are on! Amazon has kicked off the 2012 holiday shopping season with its new Kindle Fire HD.
But critics are asking: Is it enough to light a fire, and seriously challenge the iPad?

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has rolled out several new Kindles, including a new basic model called the Paperwhite.

The New Kindle Choices

Starting in November, Bezos plans the following changes to the Kindle line:

       -The basic Kindle will drop in price from $79 to $69.

       -Book lovers will have the option of buying the new Kindle Paperwhite for $119. It's an upgraded model that adds a light for nighttime reading, that will compete with the Nook Simple Touch Glow Light.

       -The seven-inch Kindle Fire will have a sharper screen and some new features, but sell at a lower price: $159.

       -The big news is the brand new Kindle Fire HD, designed to be a serious iPad challenger.  It will come in three models: hope you are taking notes.

Fire HD Options

You will have a choice of buying a seven-inch Fire HD for $199.

Or you can upgrade to the 8.9-inch Fire HD for $299.  That's almost the size of Apple's iPad, but $200 cheaper. The Fire HD  will feature high def video, plus a front facing camera and Skype app for video chatting.

Finally, you can buy a 4G network model for $499, but that is in iPad price territory.

Will advantage be short lived?

Amazon hopes the Kindle Fire HD will take a bite out of iPad sales because of its lower price.

But critics say if Apple releases an iPad mini in the coming days -- at around $250 -- all bets are off.  A $250 iPad could mean that Kindle's low price advantage may be short lived.

As always don't waste your money.


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