Breyers drops 'all natural' labels

Changing ingredients on some flavors

Breyers ice cream has long prided itself as one of the last of the truly natural ice creams, using ingredients like milk, cream and eggs.

But have you noticed? That's starting to change.
All Natural for Generations

When you think supermarket ice cream, many of us think Breyers for wholesome ingredients.

It has been making "all natural" ice cream -- with just five or six ingredients -- for generations.

But take a close look some new Breyers cartons. Some now have an ingredient list that's grown to a more than a dozen ingredients including mono and diglicerides, guar gum, carrageenen, and corn syrup.

Breyers says the change makes it have a smoother texture and says it contains less fat. The company also says the new formulation scores very well in taste tests.

Doesn't That Stink?

But from the "doesn't that stink" file, news that Breyers reformulation doesn't meet FDA standards for ice cream, according to the consumer website

Mouseprint reports that Breyers now has to call its new recipe " frozen dairy dessert" instead.

Some longtime fans are saying "doesn't that stink?"

But there's good news for purists: Breyers says it is still making a few flavors of its original natural ice cream, including vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. It does not plan to turn those Breyers ice cream staples into "dairy desserts."

You can still find a few ice cream brands using all natural ingredients, but they are getting harder to find, and they tend to be pricier.

If you want moderately priced ice cream, you may have to settle for something less from now on.  

Whatever dessert you buy, don't waste your money.

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