Beware phony hotel photos

Don't Waste Your Money

Did you ever stay at a hotel that had great photos on itswebsite, but when you got there the place was a dump?

That's the complaint of many travelers these days. But now thereare some new ways to find what the place really looks like.

Gorgeous Photos Online

Hotels love the internet, where they can post swanky photos thatmake a dump look like the Ritz.

But the website (Click here) isnow exposing some of that trickery, posting real user photos of thesame scene.

Oyster shows a beautiful pool (and female model) at oneCaribbean resort, from that resort's website. Oyster then shows anactual guest photo, showing the same pool jammed with jiggly andoverweight young partygoers. (Click here to see these photos)

Another hotel website shows a pristine resort beach. Oystershows the same beach packed with hundreds of people!

A cool rooftop pool at a Los Angeles hotel? Uh, it's really inthe shadow of a giant Macy's store, with the store wall and signdirectly over the pool.

And another hotel shows a mouth watering buffet with beautifulpeople looking at it.  Oyster's real life shot makes it looklike a messy feeding trough.

Doesn't that Stink?

So from the doesn't that stink file, hotel photos that leaveguests disappointed: I say doesn't that stink?

That's why my favorite pre-vacation stop is the website (clickhere) where I can read real traveler reviews, and see photosthat weren't staged with models when the pool was closed. Oyster also has good honest reviews.

Bottom line: Read as many traveler reviews as possible of anyhotel or resort you plan to visit. Don't just go by the hotel'sphotos, so you don't waste your money.


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