Beware concert ticket ripoffs

Don't Waste Your Money

Summer is concert season.

But for some customers, the excitement has been tempered this year by the feeling that they were ripped off when buying tickets through an online ticket vendor.

John Eichorn of Hamilton Ohio told me his mother ended up paying over $500 for 2 tickets to see Paul cCartney, thinking she was buying them from the Reds website.  She was not, and she was charged double face value.

Ticket Sellers Busy

Cash registers have been ringing for ticket vendors all week, as fans tried to grab McCartney seats at a good price.

But more and more concert goers are getting burned these days by high priced tickets with sky high handling fees. Mike Finn and his daughter Elizabeth Buchanan of Northern Kentucky can't believe the hundreds of dollars some sellers want.

Elizabeth said "like with eBay and such, people really hike the prices, if you want to get the good seats you have to pay super high prices."

Watch for Add-On Costs

Ticket vendor Travis Jackson -- of Cincinnati's 333-SEAT service -- says beware out of town vendors with no address. He says their fees can go through the roof.

Travis said "they are seeing tickets at one price on a website, and when they get done the ticket has doubled in price. You need to go through the checkout process, let them add the service fees, the checkout fees, and a lot of companies will charge a pickup or delivery fee. Look at the final cost before you give a credit card."

Everyone Takes a Cut

The problem with a lot of ticket websites is that they are really the 4th party selling that ticket.

Those sites get the tickets from a middleman, who took his cut. That middleman bought his tickets from a local buyer, who is the one who actually bought the seats from the 1st party: the venue, or Ticketmaster.

And everyone takes a cut of the action.

Appears to be Local

Google "Paul McCartney Cincinnati" and you'll find a site for "Great American Ballpark tickets."   While it is not a scam, be advised that it has no connection to the ballpark.

And watch for websites that appear to be local ticket sellers. The website Cincinnati Tickets is really the same site as Cleveland Tickets, Kansas City Tickets, Columbus Tickets, Washington DC Tickets, and Orlando tickets.

Only the name and skyline has changed in each case.

Their actual address? We couldn't find one, and the Better Business Bureau has no report on them.  They may get you fine tickets, at a good price, but how can you be sure?

If you can't find anything through the venue or Ticketmaster, my advice is to stick with a local ticket reseller, where you can stop by and pick up your tickets.

That way you don't waste your money.


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