7 things to never carry in a wallet

Don't Wate Your Money

Is your handbag or wallet bursting at the seams these days?

Then you are probably keeping too many things inside it.  And some of them could be downright dangerous.

Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine has a new report about things you should never carry in your purse or wallet, because of the risk of your billfold getting lost or stolen.

It says if your wallet is bursting at the seams, that's a red flag that you are carrying too many cards, which could be a nightmare to replace if your wallet disappears.

Things to Never Keep in your Wallet

Kiplinger's says get these out of your billfold:

    -Your Social Security card.

    -Your Medicare card, if you have one, because that also has your Social on it.

    -A password cheat sheet for your ATM or bank account.

    -A spare house key: Remember, your wallet contains your home address on your license.

    -Blank or even canceled checks: They have your bank account number.

And a Few More....

Kiplinger's lists some other no-nos that should be no-brainers, such as your birth certificate or passport card, which will help a thief assume your identity (Some passports are now issued in card form, which fit in a wallet)

Kiplinger's also suggests you carry just one credit card, bringing along store cards only when you plan to visit that store. Most of us, myself included, carry two or three at once.

It's less to replace if your wallet is lost, and you don't waste your money.


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