Call long distance free around the world

Don't Waste Your Money

Cell phones have made long distance calls almost obsolete. Butyou still have to pay for the minutes you use and calling outsidethe US can cost a fortune.

But now there's a way to get free long distance calls almostanywhere in the world.

Wants to End Big Long Distance Bills

Tara Riehle hates to pay big phones bills these days. She toldme a recent bill "was like $159 a month, with cable, Internet andtwo phone lines."

But Tara, like many people, doesn't want to have to dealwith Skype, Google voice, or other computer services to make acall. She wants simplicity.

Then she might like a simple new way to call long distancefree all over the world from your home phone.

Just Listen to an Ad

It's a company called "FreePhone2Phone," and it's offering free longdistance if you listen to a 10 second ad. CLICKHERE.

Just dial their local access number, sit through a quick adand start dialing.

To try it, I decided to call Cancun, Mexico -- hey, why not?-- and after a 10 second ad for an online university, it said "toplace a call now, press 1."

So I dialed the number of the Marriott Casa Magna resort inCancun.

One minor problem: You have to call from an identifiablenumber, so our newsroom phones wouldn't work. So I used a cellphone.

Moments later, I was talking to a desk clerk next to agorgeous pool, and the white Cancun sands, in Mexico, free ofcharge. I felt like a Kenny Chesney song.

Some Limits

One small restriction: You get just 10 minutes per call and onlyfive minutes for a callback that day. That's why it needs to knowyour number, to keep computer dialers from clogging up its lines.

But try it: You can call Shanghai, China, or Paris (France,not Hilton, unless you know her number).

You can also dial anywhere in the US free of charge, and forfolks like Tara- - tired of high long distance fees -- that isgreat news.

So don't waste your money.


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