Art exhibit features young breast cancer survivors' scars

CINCINNATI - An art exhibit that comes to Cincinnati Friday will work to show that breast cancer knows no age.

The SCAR Project is a Pulitzer-nominated photography exhibit that will feature intensely personal images of young breast cancer survivors captured by photographer, David Jay. Cincinnati resident, Vanessa Tiemeier has a photo which will be displayed in the collection showing survivors embracing their scars.

"This was a very personal fundraiser for me," Tiemeier said in a news release. She who was a member of the SCAR Project Cincinnati Planning Committee, which helped bring the exhibit to the area.

Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths among 15 to 40-year-old women, according to Dr. Karyn Dyehouse, MD of Oncology Hematology Care. In an effort to increase awareness about breast cancer, OHC — where Tiemeier was a patient — donated $10,000 to the exhibit.

"We felt it was important to raise awareness about symptoms of the disease among younger women who generally don't consider themselves to be at risk," Dyehouse said in a news release.

Dr. Douglas Flora, MD of OHC says the exhibit starts a conversation that is vital for all women.

"These images stir emotions, stimulate debate and discussion and bring attention to a vital population of our sisters, wives, mothers, all fighting, surviving, flourishing in our midst," Flora said in a news release. "They make you want to read more, research more, screen more and care more."

The exhibit runs from Sept. 30 through Oct. 2 at the Art Design Consultants located at 310 Culvert Street.

For more details about the SCAR Project visit to Cincinnati, check out their blog at

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