Wrangler unveils moisturizing jeans aimed at keeping skin smooth from dry denim & fighting cellulite

CLEVELAND - Wrangler Jeans are unveiling a new line of jeans that are made with high-performance skincare ingredients.

The goal is to help keep the wearer's legs from cracking due to the drying effect of denim.

There will be three lines available: one called Aloe Vera, another called Olive Extract, the last called Smooth Legs, featuring caffeine, retinol and algae extract.

The ingredients are contained in micro-capsules and embedded in the fiber of the jeans.

When the wearer squeezes on a pair of the jeans, the capsules would break and release the moisturizers onto her skin.

The moisturizers are promoted to last about 15 days after their first use.

The jeans would cost $140.

They will be available on January 28 through British-based online retailer www.asos.com .

Wrangler products can be viewed here: http://on.wews.com/UwdPTG

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