Try-It-Out Tuesday: No-Bang Shoe Dryer

CINCINNATI - The rain over the past few weeks creates mud, and mud creates messy shoes.

But washing them - and drying them - can be tough.

So we put the "No-Bang" shoe dryer strap to the test for Try-It -Out Tuesday.

Two suction cups with hook-and-loop straps attach shoes to the bottom of the dryer or the door. It claims to hold them in place so they don't bang around inside and make noise.

Great idea, but our tester wasn't impressed.

We followed the directions, but the shoes came loose three times during the drying cycle. Each time we reattached them, according to the directions.

The last time one of the suction cups came loose as well, and the sticky hook-and-loop tape stuck to other items of laundry inside.

So for our tester, No-Bang is a no-go.

No-Bang sells for around $5 online and in stores.

As always, this is an unscientific test with unscientific results.

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