Memorial Day travel numbers expected to see slight decrease

CINCINNATI - If you're hitting the road this Memorial Day weekend, you're not alone.

More than 34 million Americans will travel 50-plus miles from home this holiday weekend. While that number is high, it's actually a slight decrease from last year.

Cheryl Parker from AAA in Cincinnati says her research shows there is a reason.

"We're starting to feel the effect of sequester so fewer people are making travel plans because of that. They've had to have that vacation from work without pay," she said.

While the overall number of travelers may be down, an estimated 31 million of those travelers will be driving. This is actually up from last year.

"We still have more than a million people hitting the roads from this area," Parker said. "We're seeing lots of people coming in for trip tiks to go to Gatlinburg and Disney is really big.  So it will be a busy time on the roads this holiday weekend."

The wheels will be turning despite gas prices likely being the highest in two years.

AAA expects $3.80 a gallon in Cincinnati and around $3.60 in Northern Kentucky.

Nationally, the average falls right in the middle with the cost of a gallon of gas around $3.66.

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