Surfset fitness in Oakley shaking up workouts

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CINCINNATI - Working out by surfing in Cincinnati? It's a reality.

Paddling, planking and push-ups all done on the world's first total-body surf trainer. The only thing the ladies at Bella Forza in Oakley are missing, are the waves.

Bella Forza is a women's only fitness and dance studio that uses a surfboard-like base for a workout.

The Surfset board has three balls underneath with adjustable resistance.  Bella Forza's owner saw the Surfset boards on ABC's Shark Tank and knew she had to have them at her studio.

"It's a total core workout, if you cannot balance yourself and hold yourself center then you can't do the moves," said a member of the class. "It's really a challenge to yourself to hold that position, to make yourself strong and then be able to do each move."

The hour-long workout is packed with squats, planking on the board, push-ups, sit-ups with a mix of cardio.

"It's great, it's a great exercise but then incorporating your balance with your squats and your balance with your rowing," said instructor Mary Birk.

The creators say the surf-inspired workout will help you torch body fat and build lean muscle.  

"More you have to work from top to bottom, in order to hold those body positions. It's really great for the abs, the gluts, the abdominal muscles, and the lower back," said Bella Forza owner Beth Underhill.

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