Growing carrots in your home during the winter

Bugs Bunny loved his carrots and he did not have to go to thestore to get them. And you do not have to either.

Starting today, you can grow your own from the comfort of yourhome.

While it may sound a little weird, it is easy to do. To getstarted you are going to need a container at least 12 inchesdeep.

Fill the pot half way with a rich-soil. Try to avoid gardeningsoil because it could contain a disease that could be harmful toyour carrots.

Next it is time to plant the carrot seeds. You should place themtwo inches apart and put them about a 1/4 of an inch deep in thesoil. Make sure that soil is loose between the seeds so it givesthem room to grow.

After you get the seeds in place, be sure to sprinkle water overthe soil. Be sure not to over water the plants because it couldcause the soil could shift and stunt the development of the seedsby pushing them down even more than they should be.

When it comes to watering, be sure to do it every time the soilis dry to the touch.

Finally, for the carrots to grow, you will need to place thecontainer where there is a lot of sun in your home.

Be sure to read the package of seeds to find out when you canstart harvesting the carrots and making things like carrot cake andof course everything healthy.

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