GMTS Newsletter: Super Bowl Monday Musings

Monday, Feb. 4, 2013

I'm serving up Monday Morning Musings today - Super Bowl Style. That would be doused in buffalo sauce, Ray Lewis eye black and tears from the losing team.

- After watching days of Super Bowl coverage, I have come to the conclusion that half of all adult men are employed as NFL analysts. And also four women.

-A good Super Bowl commercial is a thing of beauty. We didn't see very many last night, but the ones we did were pretty great. The Budweiser Clydesdale reunion is the consensus No. 1. My favorite, the Tide/Joe Montana salsa stain is No. 2. But I think Deion Sanders' "Leon Sandcastle" NFL spot was great. Sure, he's an over-the-top showman, but Deion is funny.

It dawned on me during the Super Bowl party I attended, that the real mark of a good Super Bowl commercial is one that can be understood without sound. I don't know about your parties, but I've never been to one where people stop talking during the commercials. That's why ads that hold up without sound, like the Clydesdale one and the retirement home Taco Bell ones, work.

-Destiny's Child. The best worst-kept secret in America. I wish these three would get back together and put out an album. So do Kelly and Michelle, by the way. Beyonce's performance is getting hit-and-miss reviews, but I thought she was incredible.

-Much is being said about Beyonce's Ruben Singer dress. Listen, it's a stage costume. It's not something she's wearing to Kroger to pick up Cheez-Its and toothpaste. But to call it a dress? That's stretching it. It was basically a derriere doily, legwarmers and a skimpy swimsuit. She sold it, though.

-My only criticism of Bey's halftime show was closing with "Halo." There are no songs she does better than "Irreplaceable" or "Best Thing You Never Had." Showstoppers, both. But apparently Shaq liked her set.

-The blackout was crazy. Unthinkable. Several thoughts:

1. When the press box went out and Phil Sims and Jim Nantz's mics were silenced, the director told the audience what was happening without words, taking cameras on air that showed the lights out. It would have been really easy to just cut to break, and come back and explain things, so that was some quick and creative thinking.

2. Solomon Wilcots is an absolutely fantastic sideline reporter. Too often, that position feels like it's canned – that the reporter is just reciting stuff he or she found out before the game. Solomon gives great insight as a former player, plus real-time information that can only be accessed on the sideline (which is the point of a sideline reporter).

3. Jim Harbaugh is kind of a hothead. In the good, football coach-y sort of way. Big brother John? Not so much. But, man he was giving four shades of heck to some dude in a suit who was explaining why the lights wouldn't be back on for 15 minutes.

-Next year's Super Bowl is in The Meadowlands. In New Jersey. It's outdoors. With no dome. Game time temperature yesterday was 31 degrees. There is rumor that there may be no halftime performance next year, because it's so cold.

From Today's Show:

-No More iPad Before Bed: Apparently using an iPad at maximum brightness for two hours before bedtime messes with your melatonin levels and prevents you from going to sleep. Seems like there's only one solution: turn the brightness level down. Oh, or not use it.

-New Menus: Your kids can now order Fish McBites in their Happy Meals at McDonald's. Pun alert: that'll reel ‘em in. And Pizza Hut, the land of pizza gimmicks, is offering Pizza Sliders, smaller pizzas sold in groups of three or nine, with toppings you can customize for uber-picky families.

Today's Distracting Link:

Play Jellyman. Just ‘cuz.

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