Kathrine Nero updates breast cancer journey: Celebrating more birthdays and less cancer

CINCINNATI - More birthdays. That's the American Cancer Society's slogan.

The less cancer is out there, the more birthdays we'll celebrate. My birthday was this week, and Wednesday my friends from GMTS brought in treats to celebrate. And in a year when I've been diagnosed with breast cancer – celebrating another birthday is even more special.

When I made the announcement this summer, our wonderful viewers flooded my voice mail, inbox and social media accounts with well wishes and prayers. They're still coming in, but now they ask how I'm doing. Where my treatment stands. What's next?

Wednesday on 9 News, Carol Williams shared a story that can answer all that.

We talked about all this on Good Morning Tri-State Wednesday morning, and when I got off the set and back to my desk, my voice mail message light was flashing.

Now, generally, when someone calls you in the middle of the show, they're berating you for having a bad hair day, wearing the wrong color and therefore leaning one way or the other politically, or needing to drop a few pounds.

This one was different.

It was from a woman named Dee, who watches GMTS on and off. She hadn't heard about my diagnosis, and looked it up. She watched it and read it, and made a decision.

She had a mammogram scheduled for Wednesday. She hadn't had one in two years, and said she was trying to come up with an excuse to cancel it.

That is, until she saw my story. Now she says she's keeping the appointment, and I wish her nothing but the best results. That's what makes being an open book worthwhile.

Now, on to lighter topics. We ha d two birthday cakes and two kinds of cookies in the newsroom. The sugar level was so high that Felix Baumgartner would jump from it.

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