GMTS Newsletter: Happy New(sletter) Year!

Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2013

Well, there it is.

The first time I've typed 2013.

It used to be that we'd forget and write the wrong year on our checks, back when people wrote checks.

Now, we'll just mistype it for the next couple of weeks.

Speaking of a few weeks, that's how long it's been since the newsletter took a self-imposed holiday hiatus.

That newsletter. Such a diva.

Therefore, there's a lot to cover!

In no particular order …

-We got a dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown! Unlike in the made-for-TV movie, though, we didn't send ours home because he was too skinny. That one took a bit of a weird turn.

Anyway, his name is Cooper (kids' choice) and he's fitting in nicely. Mom and Dad brought him, not Santa. Dad says he "wanted the credit." Can't blame him. It's working already, though I'm not under the delusion that it'll continue.

-Has anyone, anywhere ever built a gingerbread house that didn't collapse on itself? We built one this winter break, and when we finished, my older daughter said "it looks like a ginger tornado hit our gingerbread house." She was right.

-I came back to work today with a ridiculous amount of internal and external emails. You know how many actually applied to me? About 14.

-How many of you still have your holiday decorations up? I put them up as early as I possibly can, because I want to squeeze every last minute of enjoyment out of them. But when it's over, it's over. We took down half yesterday, and I'm hoping the rest come down today.

I know some people wait until the Epiphany to put Christmas decorations away. And I get that and appreciate it. But after Jan. 6, if your outdoor lights are on, prepare to explain yourself.

-I have a new (coffee) drinking game: drink every time you see a weight loss or tax preparation commercial. Better have one of those industrial size coffee they have at gas stations. You'll need it.

-Winter finale. I feel like this is the first year I've heard that phrase (or should I say, 2012 was the first year). Nashville, Scandal, Grey's, Happy Endings… you name it. Networks have always taken a bit of a break in airing new shows around the holidays, but now, they're actually assigning the practice a name. I can't wait so see new episodes. My DVR is on empty.

-How very different will Kim Kardashian's and Kate Middleton's maternity fashions be? I CANNOT wait for side-by-side comparisons. You know they're coming.

Hope your new year is off to a good start! May your 2013 be better than your 2012! Mine better be.

From Today's Show:

-New Year's Resolutions: Do you have any? People are sharing them on the 9 On Your Side Facebook page. Before you chalk that up to "TMI," I actually think this is a pretty decent use of the now-ubiquitous "tell us what you think on social media" demand. I figure, if you say it, it's out there – and you almost have to be responsible. My resolution was to remove the term "fiscal cliff" from my vocabulary. I lasted one day.

If your resolution is to be more active on social media (silent chuckle), connect with me on Facebook or Twitter.

Today's Distracting Link:

If your resolution is to have a more calm, serene 2013, try – the thoughts room.

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