Forbes Magazine ranks Cincinnati among best cities for working moms

Cincinnati ranked No. 4 on Forbes Magazine's list

CINCINNATI - Working moms have a tough job, but the Queen City is among the best places in the nation for moms to fulfill work and parenting duties on a reasonable budget, according to Forbes Magazine.

On Wednesday, the magazine released its list of the best cities for working mothers in 2012 and Cincinnati ranked No. 4.

Several factors went into making up the list including the cost of living, safety, professional opportunities, cost of raising a child, education and commute time.

In Cincinnati, there are 3,057 violent crimes per 100,000 and women earn about $30,769 annually, according to data collected by Forbes. Also, the cost of raising a child in Cincinnati is about $7,750 and schools spend about $11,649 per pupil. Tri-State moms commute about 27.4 minutes, giving them more time with the kiddos, according to the data.

Ohio faired well when it came to working mothers. Columbus ranked No. 1 on the list and Cleveland ranked No. 7.

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