New warnings of worldwide bacon shortage

CINCINNATI - If the predictions are true, the world could be heading toward a bacon shortage.

The National Pig Association, which is a British farming industry trade group, released its predictions on Monday.

The NPA stated that Europe's pork and bacon supply is contracting fast, calling a world shortage of bacon "unavoidable."

The concern appears to be financially-driven. In Europe, countries that produce lots of pork have been reporting shrinking pig herds, after droughts created a spike in grain prices, used to feed the animals.

The NPA suggests that supermarkets can stay stocked on bacon and avoid steep prices if they pay British pig farmers a fair price to offset the cost of the drought.

The NPA started a "Save Our Bacon" campaign, aimed at getting people to buy British bacon products.

The group said the U.S. government started a pork-buying program to keep pig farmers in business.

It's unclear when the U.S. would feel the effects of this bacon shortage. Last month, the Department of Agriculture said the U.S. pork supply soared to a record amount of pounds.

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