Cronuts come to Cincinnati

New Yorkers have been lining up for weeks to get their hands on cronuts - the combination donut-croissant.

Now the trend has made it to Cincinnati, so we put them to the test for Try It Out Tuesday.

Savor Catering in Newport makes the popular cronut. It's a deep fried croissant topped with glaze. Caterers say they sell them as quickly as they can make them.

The Good Morning Tri-State crew taste-tested the cronut, and overall, they were a big hit.

Our testers loved them by a 10 to 1 margin.

But what do they taste like?

Some describe it as similar to a funnel cake or beignet. Others describe it as great with coffee; sweet with an interesting crispy texture.

One called it "the best donut thing I've ever had." Another said it was "better than Krispy Kreme."

Even those who didn't like donuts liked the cronut. But some found the texture stringy and too dense.

Savor Catering sells cronuts at the Covington Farmer's Market on Saturdays for $2. You can also pick them up at Left Bank Coffeehouse and Roebling Point Books in Covington, and Bow Tie Cafe in Mt. Adams.

As always -- this is an unscientific test with unscientific results.

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