Detectives: Mother died in dispute over drugs

MIDDLETOWN, Ohio - Detectives testified in court Thursday that the Middletown mother dragged to her death was involved in a dispute over drugs, not a painting job.

The detective told a judge in court that Kristina Purdin-Dunn's husband, Michael Dunn, admitted that the dispute was really over a drug transaction gone wrong, not a painting job as police were originally told.

Police have charged Dustin Watkins, the alleged driver, with felony fleeing and tampering with evidence. His girlfriend, Maria Misquez, is charged with conspiracy in connection to the 27-year-old woman's death.

Detectives say Kristina got into an argument with the two on June 17 and reached into the car at the corner of Moore Street and Wayne Avenue.  

In court Thursday, Middletown Police detective John Hoover said Misquez told him she sold Dunn several pills but had shorted him.

Purdin-Dunn allegedly interrupted the transaction, throwing the pills back into the car before demanding their money back, the detective testified.

Kristina's mother, Loretta Purdin-Morgan says her daughter wasn't upset about Dunn being shorted but rather she was upset he was buying drugs in the first place.

"My daughter was not into drugs.  She was too sick and I guess when she found out, which I just found out all this in court too, that when she found out she got irate because she had three children and doesn't want that as part of her life," her mother said.

Misquez allegedly told Watkins, to "go" and he took off, dragging Purdin-Dunn after her arm got caught in a car seatbelt.

The Hamilton County Coroner's Office says Kristina died from a skull fracture and blunt force trauma to the head.

The case has now been bound over to a Butler County grand jury.

When Watkins and Misquez were originally arraigned in court last week, there was chaos in the courtroom after Loretta suffered a seizure.

The judge on Thursday admonished against any courtroom outbursts, threatening 30 days in jail for anyone who caused any problems.

Purdin was the mother of three children, ages 9, 8 and 5.

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