Woman explains 911 call for a date

Bernadette Music speaks exclusively with 9 News

NORWOOD, Ohio - A woman who allegedly called 911 looking for a date is makingnational headlines. Monday night she shared her side of the storyexclusively with 9 News.

Norwood police say Bernadette Music, 43, called 911 four to fivetimes July 26 looking for love. Officers arrested Music on August 1after she allegedly urinated in the hallway of her apartmentbuilding. She's charged with disorderly conduct for bothoffenses.

Music says she gets lonely and admits that sometimes she drinkstoo much.

"When you're lonely you get depressed and it gets you to abreaking point," said Music.

"I'm having a hard time getting, you know, a hold of a date lineand stuff, everyone wants to (expletive) me around," Music said ina recorded 911 call.

"I couldn't believe I did that," said Music.

Norwood police dispatcher Vicky Schumacher says Music firstcalled 911and hung up. When dispatchers called back, that's whenthe requests began.

"She just proceeds telling me that she's looking for a date,"Schumacher recalled.

Schumacher says in 18 years as a dispatcher, she's heard a lot,but this call is unique.

In the recording, Schumacher informed Music that it was 911 andnot a date line, but Music was persistent.

"Well, they don't want to talk to me no more," Music said on therecording.

Music says wasn't aware of all the media attention until shereturned from court Monday afternoon. She says other residents ofher apartment building started telling her she was on TV.

9 News asked if the situation embarrassed her.

"No not really," replied Music. "I'm very brave and bold. I tellhow it is, I told the cop a week ago I asked if they were saltybecause they weren't getting any of this," joked Music.

Police say it's a serious matter. Norwood receives more than 50calls on a typical night and prank calls waste time andresources.

"A malicious call like this hampers the abilities of thedispatchers to put out runs on a timely manner," said NorwoodPolice Sergeant David Lewis.

Norwood police say USA Today, CNN and national news magazinesare calling the department asking for the recording and moreinformation.

Music says she's taking it all in stride and is committed to herboyfriend Jimbo.

"I'm not ashamed of it. What the heck, it happened, I didn'trealize I did that," said said.

Music was arraigned Monday, her next court date is inSeptember.

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