Police: Children living in filth and around heroin; mom arrested

MIDDLETOWN, Ohio - Police arrested a Middletown woman Wednesday after police found heroin and filthy living conditions for her children in her home.

Police arrested Nichole Moland, 33, after members of the special operations unit searched her home in the 1600 block of Manchester Avenue in Middletown and found three bags of heroin.

During the time police searched Moland's home, her 15-year-old daughter became belligerent in behavior and was also arrested after throwing a chair across the room, according to police.

Police said the residence was extremely dirty, unsanitary and unfit for children to live in with no heat or running water. Police also said that buckets were being used as toilets in parts of the home.

Todd and Barb Barker live a few houses down the street from Moland and said they've called police to the home several times because of criminal activity.

"This is about the fourth or fifth house in this particular neighborhood she's lived in," Todd Barker said. "She gets kicked out of every place she lives and nobody has done anything about it up until this point."

"She was one of those people, she would mouth you no matter what," Barb Barker said. "There was no good with this woman. There was no neighborly human decency. She didn't care."

Moland was arrested and transported to the Middletown Police Department where she admitted to possession of heroin and was booked for possession of drugs and endangering children.

The children were removed from the home and placed in the custody of Ethel Wallace, who resides with Moland's mother.

The investigation is ongoing.

9 On Your Side reporter Jason Law contributed to this report.

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