Photo of plus size mannequins at an H&M store stirs weighty online debate

A photograph of a couple mannequins at a Swedish H&M has stirred a real debate amongst many women on the internet about body image. 

Unlike the typical size 4 to 6 mannequins that can be found in most retail stores, these mannequins are a size 12, with thicker thighs and softer stomachs, Yahoo! Shine reports.

The mannequins in the photo aren't covered heavy garb; they're unabashedly draped in lacy lingerie.

Some women are embracing the new models, saying it's a more realistic view of the average size of women in America, which is in fact is a size 12.

However, others say the mannequin maybe encouraging obesity and unhealthy lifestyles.  

The photo was posted by a blogger to Facebook, and it's been shared 15,000 times, and has 50,000 likes.  

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