No OVI charge for media executive Randy Michaels

MIDDLETOWN, Ohio - Former media executive Randy Michaels pleaded guilty Friday for a minor construction zone violation after originally being accused of driving under the influence.

In October 2011, Michaels was stopped by officers early in the morning at Route 122 and I-75 in Middletown and arrested for OVI.

Michaels, whose real name is Benjamin Homel, was the CEO of Jacor Communications in the 1990s. Jacor owned 700 WLW before it was sold to Clear Channel. He's currently in charge of a nationally-known investment group called Merlin Media.

Michaels' attorney, Steve Adams, says that officers never wrote the correct code on his client's citation so he was never officially charged with OVI.

Officers had 90 days to correct the citation but never did so, according to Adams.

Prosecutors had to dismiss the OVI case.

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