Slaby family files defamation lawsuit against candidate

CINCINNATI - Is it politics, poor taste or both?

The Slaby family, whose child died in a hot car three threeyears ago is suing a local candidate.

The candidate is accused of saying the couple murdered theirdaughter to cover up abuse.

Now, the Slaby family is fighting back, suing the candidate fordefamation.

Attorney Stan Chesley said the Slabys came to him after theyheard about Archie Wilson's accusations.

The couple said Wilson, a Batavia Township trustee and ClermontCounty Commission candidate, defamed them at a political meeting bysaying his opponent attempted to help the couple cover up the deathof Cecilia Slaby. The little girl died after her motheruncharacteristically took her to work instead of day care and lefther inside an SUV for several hours.

Wilson is running against the very attorney, R. Scott Croswell,who represented Brenda Slaby when police were investigating herdaughter's death in 2007.

Chesley said Wilson was pulling at straws to try and garnervotes before next week's election.

"Here is somebody who organizes a group of people to talk aboutas to why he should be elected county commissioner. And, 'whyshould he be elected county commissioner? He should be electedcounty commissioner because his opponent covered up a murder,'"said Chesley.

Chesley said the Slabys have been trying to put their daughter'sdeath behind them and became distraught when they heard whatChesley called the most bizarre allegations.

"What could be more tragic than for somebody, for politicalgain, to now come forward and suggest that child was sexuallymolested by the father and frozen in a refrigerator cause there wassome life insurance that would be due when the child was 2 yearsold and then take the baby out of a freezer and put it in the car,"Chesley said.

Brenda Slaby faced a firestorm of criticism at the time of herdaughter's death. Many in the community accused her of murder.

When asked why file a lawsuit in the case, Chesley said theSlabys knew the source of the alleged rumors and wanted to put itto a stop.

9 News attempted to reach Wilson for comment, but was told he isin the hospital. Wilson's opponent, Scott Croswell, was also notavailable for comment.