Mom claims to have invented a pill that could replace the alarm clock

A mother who says she would constantly oversleep decided to create a pill to overcome her Z's, and to help others with the same issue.

Cathy Beggan created Wake Up On Time, a time-released supplement that claims it will wake you up approximately six-to-eight hours after it has been consumed.

"I used to oversleep all the time," said Beggan. "Sleeping was always a problem for me. It didn't matter how early I went to bed or how many alarm clocks I set. I would sleep through them."

After battling her own sleep problems and collecting the same complaints from friends and family, Beggan decided to search for answers.

"I heard story after story and [said], ‘I know what supplements to take to give me energy through the day, but if only I could have that wake me up," Beggan continued. "A light bulb went off… no one focuses on waking up in the morning."

As she searched for answers and collected her own research about the topic, she kept finding the same answer: Time-delayed ingredients. She took her idea and research to a manufacturer and they created the supplement.

Wake Up On Time is a blend of B vitamins, Amino Acids, Guarana Seed Extract and Siberian Ginseng that are geared to address the psychological and physical reasons why people have trouble getting out of bed in the morning. The coating on the supplement dissolves over time while you sleep.

"I now wake up before my alarm clock," Breggan said. "My mornings are much happier now and I even go to the gym before I go to work."

According to consumer reviews on, the product has garnered mixed opinions of its effectiveness.

One user wrote, "I am not a morning person by any means, but these help me wake up easy when my alarm goes off. I originally purchased them at my local grocery store... I have not experienced any side affects. Highly recommended."

Another user wrote, "I was really excited to try this product after reading all the good reviews on Amazon and the product website. I used an entire bottle of this to ensure I gave it accurate time to 'start working,' which it never did. I didn't feel a bit of difference in the morning or during the day from these supplements. Save your money and just [go] to bed earlier!"

The pill has not been approved by the FDA.


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