Hot yoga: A place for beginners

CINCINNATI - Have you ever tried hot yoga? Well there is no need to sweat it if you've never done it before.

At Moksha Yoga, all of their classes are set up for beginners, so you can check it out without being intimidated.

Moksha is a type of hot yoga that was developed in 2004 in Canada. It consists of a set series of around 40 poses done in a hot room.

This type of yoga also has strict "green" standards of keeping the studios environmentally friendly. Moksha yoga studios also commit to a weekly low-cost class, which Moksha Yoga Northern Kentucky offers on Wednesdays at noon for only $8!

Ellen Bradley of Moksha Yoga says that Moksha yoga has "incredible health benefits for the immune system, cardiovascular system, and respiratory system."

She believes that the biggest reason students continue to come back though is to calm their minds and de-stress.


If you've always wanted to try hot yoga, this might be the place for you.

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