Eating local is as easy as growing your own

CINCINNATI - One of the hot food trends now is eating local - consuming locally produced vegetables, fruits, and meats, as well as locally-made foods. You can start at home. It is as easy as growing some of your own herbs and vegetables.

Adding flavor to your meals is as easy as adding fresh herbs. Sure, the grocery store is an option, but so is planting your own herb garden. While it may be too early right now to plant them outside, you can start them inside, and transplant them later. The great thing about herbs is that they will grow with a minimal amount of care.

Thyme, oregano, and rosemary all thrive indoors. All you need are some small planters, a little potting soil mix, and a place with plenty of sunshine. And always remember to give your herbs enough water.

Other herbs that can be grown indoors are chives, bay, and mint. Basil can be started indoors, too, but it needs plenty of extra light. You can buy a variety of herbs at your local garden center, or you can plant them from seeds, but they will take a while to grow.

The herbs can be transplanted outdoors once the weather turns consistently warmer, usually sometime in May.  Many people like to grow their herbs in windowsill planters or small gardens just outside of their kitchens. That way they always have a stead and ready supply of herbs on hand to add flavor and sparkle to their favorite recipes.

It is also not too early to think about starting some vegetables indoors. Tomatoes and greens like kale and lettuce do well indoors early, as long as they have adequate sun and water.

You will find that growing some of your own herbs and vegetables will also help you to save on grocery bills.  Plus, growing your own allows you to eat herbs and vegetables at their freshest, and that just tastes better.

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