Bored with your workout routine? Try TRX suspension training

CINCINNATI - Are you bored with your current workout routine? Have you hit a plateau in your weight loss? Or are you just looking to increase your fitness?

There's a new trend in fitness that helps you do all that, and more. It's called TRX suspension training, and it consists of using your own body weight and gravity, while hanging from a strap system which is attached to the ceiling, in order to get a full body workout.

At West Chester Fitworks gym, they have an entire studio devoted to TRX training. Even though, it appears to be an exercise for those who are already fit, Fitworks says "TRX easily adjusts to all fitness levels as resistance can be adjusted from 5 percent to 100 percent of body weight by changing the incline of your body."

As with any new workout program, be sure check with your doctor before trying TRX suspension training, to be sure that it's right for you!

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