3-year-old boy born deaf hears parents' voices for first time

CHARLOTTE, NC. -- A 3-year-old boy who was born deaf is hearing his parents' voices for the first time thanks to a special device.

Grayson Clamp had never heard a sound. He was born without the auditory nerves that carry sound from the inner ear to the brain.

Initially, he was fitted with a cochlear implant but, without nerves, it was ineffective.

That's when doctors at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine gave him an auditory brainstem implant.

The device is typically used in adults whose nerves have been damaged and hadn't yet been approved for use in children.

But that changed, thanks to an FDA-approved trial.

And Grayson became the first child in the country to undergo the procedure.

His parents say he's already made great progress, although they won't soon forget what that first moment was like.

Mobile users can watch video of Grayson hearing for the first time, here: http://bit.ly/15o6tnT

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