'Sadistic Sadie' sentenced to jail for fraud

CINCINNATI - The president of the Cincinnati Roller Girls has been sentencedto 20 months in jail for fraud.


Mercedes Stafford, who skates under the name "Sadistic Sadie,"pleaded guilty on June 1 for illegally obtaining more than 525airline tickets at her job as a United Airlines employee at theCincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport.

Prosecutors said Stafford, 34, fraudulently bought "involuntarytickets" that airlines issue when a passenger's flight is canceledor delayed. She then created fake ticket numbers she used to buyreal tickets on United and other airlines for herself, her friends,her family, the Cincinnati Roller Girls, and other individualsassociated with roller derby events, including other roller derbyteams, according to prosecutors. The tickets, worth more than$850,000, were for flights through the United States, as well as toCancun, Mexico and Italy.

Stafford also admitted that she received more than $50,000 inpayment from the individuals or organizations who benefitted fromthe plane tickets.


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