You will laugh out loud (or groan inwardly) at popular 'Goats yelling like humans' video

Boasting more than nine million views, a video that shows clips of goats making goat noises is causing YouTube fans to laugh out load or inwardly groan.

And like, many a viral video, the "Goats screaming like humans," now has a number of spinoffs: notably, goats baaaaa-ing along to pop songs.

It's got everyone talking.


"All those childhood tales of goats saying 'Baaaaaaa' were just plain incorrect. The noise goats make more similarly resembles the drunk guy squawking outside your window at 4 a.m."


"It's not entirely clear why it took this long for someone to put together a two-minute compilation of goats whose bleats sound like screaming humans, but let's all just be glad someone finally did."

What do you think: Do these goats sound like people?

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