One star knocked out while an underdog is safe for Stevie Wonder week on 'Dancing with the Stars'

CLEVELAND - The writing is on the wall for the lowest-scoring star on Stevie Wonder week on "Dancing with the Stars" (Very superstitious writing on the wall? Sorry – couldn't resist).

But before we learn who gets kicked off, remember it's Time-Filler Tuesday, so we get treated to lots of performances and behind-the-scenes footage. First up, Olly Murs performs his song "Troublemaker."

First results. Country singer Kellie Pickler and Derek are safe, as are Olympian Aly Raisman and Mark.

Kellie tweeted, "Thank y'all so much for voting for Derek and me!!! We're excited to be able to dance another week!! #Samba #DWTS :)." Aly tweeted, "THANKS for all the support! Can't stop smiling :) # DWTS."

We're then shown some video of Stevie saying it was an honor for him to be on the show. He adds, they've been talking about him competing for some time, and now he wants to make it a reality. Awesome! Hope he gets Sharna; she really seems like a brilliant choreographer and compassionate partner.

Our next behind-the-scenes video is some peculiar sideshow of the stars singing karaoke. The highlight is seeing Karina beat NFL star Jacoby Jones with a giant inflatable microphone.

Time for the encore performance. Fans got to vote on Twitter which group dance from Monday night they wanted to see, and they chose Team Zendaya. Oh, wait – I meant, Team Paso, with Disney Star Zendaya, Jacoby, soap star Ingo Rademacher, boxer Victor Ortiz and their partners.

Sorry, it's just that Zendaya has an army of tween Twitter followers millions strong and due to them will be this season's (deserved) winner, as I've said since my first recap six weeks ago.

Time for more results. In behind the scenes video, Peta tells "Bachelor" Sean Lowe they need better scores. Sean says, "I'm sleeping with Bruno." He might have to. Sean and Peta are in jeopardy. Zendaya and Val are safe. Obviously.

Zendaya tweeted to her hordes, "thanks everyone for keeping me in this thing!! I promise work even harder!! I love u more than I can say!! #TeamZendaya #TeamValDaya # DWTS."

Host Tom Bergeron says that DWTS has the best crew in live TV. Behind the scenes footage shows how they breakdown and build every set during every commercial break. Actor Andy Dick puts it best:  "Every dance is like a Broadway show - for a minute."

Performance time with singing "That Power." Watching this, I can only hope the drop-crotch pants fad does not last. The chorus is done by an oddly distracting video of Justin Bieber singing - or, as Tom calls it, "Obi Wan Bieber."

More results. Victor and Lindsay are in jeopardy. Ingo and Peta are safe. The show also points out how everyone loves Ingo's toddler son, Peanut, and showers him with high fives. In post-show video, we see Peanut yell to Kellie, "I'll see you at the after party!" THAT easily earned Ingo more votes to coast through next week.

Ingo tweeted, "And the winner of the mirror ball trophy is........ Peanut! Pressure off daddy :-)"

Performance time again with Macy's Stars of dance. It's like Pac-Man choreographed it. I love it.

Time for - another performance, with a tribal theme this time. All the pro girls are showing off the midriffs and the guys are shirtless. Oh, look, there's a fire breather twirling a baton of flames, too. It's more like "Ab Workout with the Stars." Well, off I go to do some crunches.

More results. Random alert! In behind the scenes video, we see Judge Len Goodman yell to Andy, "Come on, my ole lover!" Anyway, Jacoby and Karina are safe. Andy and Sharna are in jeopardy.

Commercial break, then final results. Andy is safe. Wow, that was fast. Didn't we just put him in jeopardy like two minutes ago?

Okay, so it's between Victor and Lindsay or Sean and Peta. I suspect Sean might be one of the final two in jeopardy because he said he wanted to bump out Andy this week. Don't underestimate Andy, gang - he might edge out Sean or even Ingo in a major upset next week.

But the couple getting knocked out (ha) is… Victor and Lindsay.

No real surprise there - I called it yesterday, just based on scores and fan base and sympathy votes for Andy. Victor says he's happy to make it this far, but "I definitely need some dance moves." But he's got a lot of heart.

Victor tweeted, "Huge thanks to all the fans that supported @Dance9Lindsay & I this season! Such an amazing experience and we couldnt have done it without u!"

The competition continues Monday night at 8 on ABC with Latin Week and Juanez will be performing. Next week, the show will also pay tribute to the story of Adrianne Haslet-Davis, a dancer who lost a foot in the Boston marathon bombings.

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