300th episode has first perfect score of season, but a fiery judge fight on 'Dancing with the Stars'

CLEVELAND - The 300th episode of "Dancing with the Stars" brought out the fireworks, just not on the dance floor.

The stars have two dances this week, including one with a third dance partner.

Kicking off the evening are Disney star Zendaya and Val with a foxtrot. The choreography is so sickly sweet, my teeth hurt, but she looks like a natural. Judge Len Goodman says she keeps getting stronger. Judge Carrie Ann Inaba says they looked great in hold. Score: 28 out of 30.

It's at this point host Tom Bergeron tells us that fans can turn to Twitter to pick which dance they would like to see the six remaining stars perform next week: AfroJazz, LindyHop, Flamenco, hiphop, Charleston or disco.

Zendaya tweeted, "hey twitterverse!! don't forget 2 vote 2nite! I want 2 keep dancing SO badly! & help us dance hip hop next week by tweeting #hiphopZendaya."

"Bachelor" Sean Lowe and Peta do a tango with a wedding theme. The routine is energetic, but Sean looks a bit awkward. This is probably his most challenging routine and he fares well at it. Judge Bruno Tonioli says it started well, but Sean's feet weren't always right. Carrie Ann says Sean lost his improvement. Len says Sean's attack cost him his fluidity. Score: 21.

NFL star Jacoby Jones and Karina have a Viennese waltz. It has lots of mood and sesuality. Jacoby needs to slow down a little and float more. He tears open his shirt and acts like a ham again, just throwing off the tone of the dance. I know he's Mr. Charisma, but he needs to know when to use it. Of course, Carrie Ann loves the shirt off. Len loves the dance. Score: 27.

Soap star Ingo Rademacher and Kym have a foxtrot. After frustrating rehearsals, he has a smooth dance and manages to look a lot happier. It's almost oddly effortless looking. Len says Ingo has real ease of movement. Carrie Ann says Ingo reminds her of Gene Kelly because of the casual way he danced. Score: 24.

Ingo tweeted, "Please vote like crazy tonight guys! And # CharlestonIngo."

Country singer Kellie Pickler and Derek do a Viennese waltz. They look sharp doing strong moves. Kellie's movements are graceful and beautiful. She delivers an emotional performance. Bruno calls her a queen. Carrie Ann says this is what she looks for in Kellie. Score: 28.

Olympian Aly Raisman and Mark have an Argentine tango. Aly has to play the harlot. Immediately she seems like a different person. Her shapes and control are amazing. Carrie Ann says Aly's transformation over the season is unbelievable. Len calls it smooth and seductive. Bruno says Aly is good at being bad. Score: 29.

Aly tweeted, "Thank you for all the kind tweets! I'm having sooo much fun & I'm working so hard!! #DWTS."

After all six remaining couples did their unlearned ballroom dances, they now have to perform in the trio challenge, dancing with a third, professional partner.

Zendaya and Val do a salsa with Gleb. How she keeps up with two professional dancers is simply amazing. She looks effortless again. Zendaya leads them without having to glance back at them to stay in  synch. She honestly looks like she could do this in her sleep. Len calls her a star. Bruno says she drew all the attention. Carrie Ann calls her queen of the salsa. Cue the first perfect score of the season: they give her a 30, which brings her to 58 overall.

Sean and Peta have a jazz with Sharna. The girls look like sexy extras from "Moulin Rouge." His weaknesses are very obvious next to these two pros. He puts as much charisma into the number as possible, but his goes out of synch several times. Bruno says his feet were off. Carrie Ann says he went out of synch too many times. Len says Sean had too much attack. Score: 21, 42 overall.

Jacoby and Karina have a paso doble with Cheryl. He has great control and seems much more paced. His attack suits the dance. But Jacoby could have used more content and less performance. Len says he has fantastic presence. Bruno says it was like a paso doble by Quentin Tarantino. Score: 25, 52 overall.

Ingo and Peta are back for a jive with Lindsay. It starts with him sitting in the crowd next to TV legend and former contestant Florence Henderson. The dance has good energy, but Ingo's footwork does not look that sharp. It's one of the calmer jives I've seen on this show. Len liked it. Bruno said Ingo's kicks need to be sharper. Carrie Ann says Ingo brought back the heart the show lost when Andy Dick was eliminated last week. Score: 24, 48 overall.

Kellie and Derek have a paso doble with Tristan. This thing is intense. The paso is a man's dance, so Derek wisely choreographed it with Kellie being torn between two opposing men. It was so sharp and mesmerizing, I rewound my DVR to watch it twice. Bruno calls it masterpiece theater with so much high art and high drama, he wanted to be in it. Carrie Ann hugs Kellie and says the number took her breath away.

Up till this point, I thought we might be hurtling toward another perfect 30, but Len is not smiling. He says the number was nothing but flashing lights, crashing music and a hodgepodge of moves meant only to titillate. The crowd boos. Carrie Ann and Bruno start to argue with Len, who tells Bruno he has something stuck up his posterior. Just not in those words. Not kidding. Carrie Ann and Bruno award 10's, while Len gives them a 7. The crowd flips. Score: 27, 55 overall.

I bet even Florence Henderson was shocked.

To rub in the irony, before the dance Kellie tweeted, "Excited about my Paso trio dance w/ @DerekHough & @TristanMacManus! Maybe Tristan will be our lucky charm & we'll get 3 10s! # LuckOfTheIrish."

Aly and Mark are back for a jive with Henry. It's very Fosse, which is cool. This is definitely a transformed Aly tonight. The number is coy and flirty and she nails it. But it feels more jazz than jive Will Len flip again? Carrie Ann loves what she sees in Aly. Len says it was well done. Score: 27, 56 overall.

With the lowest score, it's most likely that Sean and Peta will be eliminated. I would expect Ingo and Kym to be the other couple in the bottom two.

We'll learn who gets eliminated Tuesday night at 9 on ABC. Singers Jason Derulo and Emeli Sande are set to perform.

More information can be found at: http://abc.go.com/primetime/dancingwiththestars/index.

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