Superman license plate coming, but without 'birthplace' designation

CLEVELAND - Those familiar with the legend of Superman know the hero hails from the planet of Krypton. But the legend itself is a product of the Buckeye State, and Ohio license plates will soon commemorate the hero — with one restriction.

Pending approval by the state's Senate, Ohio will offer specialty license plates with the famous "S" logo of Superman. The phrase "Ohio – Birthplace of Superman" was a planned feature along the bottom of the plate, but the companies that have helped to perpetuate the mythical figure have asked the state to omit the birthplace designation.

Superman, his home planet and the classic storyline were the Depression-era product of the minds of two Northeast Ohio teenagers, but DC Comics and Warner Communications have asked Ohio officials to let Krypton remain the official "birthplace" of the hero, who's commercial use will turn 75 next year. The Cleveland Plain Dealer first reported the requested restriction.

Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster invented the legend of Superman during the 1930s in the Cleveland suburb of Glenville, Ohio. Since then, Superman has become a cross-generational hero in the United States and abroad.

DC Comics purchased the rights to Superman in 1938 for $412. The check that completed the purchase sold at auction for $160,000 in April.

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