Video claims to spot 'UFO mothership' over London

LONDON - A new viral video has people questioning exactly what was spotted flying over the London skies earlier this month.

A YouTube video titled, "UFO Mothership & Fleet Over London," claims to show several UFOs flying over London. The clip has attracted nearly 2 million views, and it has some people questioning the authenticity of the video.

The high quality video was shot during the day, and it shows other people on the street reacting to the objects in the sky. The object appears to hover in the sky, before darting behind some clouds.

Comments for the YouTube video have been disabled because of "rude comments," according to the account's user.

At the beginning of the video, a message appears that says "If you still believe this is a fake. There are two more videos going around with similar UFOs over London in different locations & by different people taking the footage."

So what do you think?

Watch the video below. ( If using mobile follow the link: )

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