Rand Paul on Snowden: Kentucky Senator speaks about the NSA leak suspect on CNN

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul isn't sure how history will perceive NSA leak suspect Edward Snowden.

He also the decisions the former NSA contractor makes over the next few months will play a major role in making that determination.

That's what Paul articulated Sunday morning during an interview on CNN's  State of the Union with Candy Crowley.

During the interview the son of Libertarian icon Rand Paul offered a unique perspective on Snowden and the controversy surrounding him.

Responding to the a question regarding Russia's decision to allow Snowden in to the country and Hong Kong letting him leave, Paul said:

"You know, I'm not sure what it tells us, but I think it's going to be an open question how this young man is judged. I do think that when history looks at this, they're going to contrast the behavior of James Clapper, our national intelligence director, with Edward Snowden."

Below are two other quotes from the interview:

"Mr. Clapper lied in Congress in defiance of the law in the name of security. Mr. Snowden told the truth in the name of privacy. So, I think there will be a judgment, because both of them broke the law, and history will have to determine. I do think for Mr. Snowden, if he cozies up to the Russian government, it will be nothing but bad for his name in history."

"If he goes to an independent third country like Iceland and if he refuses to talk to any sort of formal government about this, I think there's a chance that he'll be seen as an advocate of privacy. If he cozies up to either the Russian government, the Chinese government, or any of these governments that are perceived still as enemies of ours, I think that that will be a real problem for him in history."

Traitor or whistleblower: How do you think Snowden should be judged?


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