Pet tips: Keep your pets safe, secure during fireworks displays

The day after the Fourth of July is one of the busiest times of year for pet shelters.

Nationally, research shows that shelters see an increase in occupancy by about 30 percent.

This causes a major problem for many shelters that are already near capacity.

Shelters like the Humane Association for Warren County are already housing dozens of pets, which makes such a drastic and quick influx problematic.

In addition to Independence Day, pet shelters say you should keep a closer eye on your pet around New Year's Eve and during thunderstorms.

Pet experts have advice to keep your dog or cat from going into a frenzy because of the loud noises fireworks cause.

Mari Lee Schwarzwalder says you should microchip your pet. This will help you locate them after they've run away.

"It's important if people would microchip their pets," said Schwarzwalder, executive director of the Humane Association of Warren County. "That way, if the dog runs off for any reason, or a cat, and ends up in an animal shelter or a veterinarian's office, we can scan it and we can find out who the owner is. That's much better than putting identification on a collar because they can lose their collars."

Pet owners can also take proactive measures to ensure their pets safety, Schwarzwalder says. One way is make sure your pet exercises, which will help your them relax and feel more comfortable when the loud noises start.

She also says you should find a safe place for them to stay inside while they fireworks are going off.

This advice can also work in situations where your pet may be exposed to other loud noises such as thunderstorms.

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