6-week-old kitten survives ride in car engine compartment from Akron to Strongsville

STRONGSVILLE, Ohio - In the 1950s, Elizabeth Taylor and Paul Newman starred in the movie "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof." A real-life drama involving a kitten, a hot engine and a car ride from Summit County to Cuyahoga County took some residents by surprise.

Eddie Ivancic of Strongsville started hearing a squealing sound from his car Friday while driving home from Akron.

"Couldn't hear anything unless the car was actually running," Ivancic said. "It was kind of hard to tell where it was."

What Ivancic heard was a six-week-old female kitten that crawled inside the engine compartment of the car before he left Akron. The kitten traveled under the hood the entire trip to Strongsville.

Ivancic was unable to remove the cat so he decided to leave the car parked in his driveway until the kitten came out on her own.

On Monday, 11-year-old Courtney DeValve heard meowing from two houses away while she was out in her front yard. Courtney loves cats so she went over to Ivancic's driveway to investigate.

"I go under the car because I see a cat and it's meowing at me. So I meow at it," Courtney said.

The feline then jumped back inside the engine compartment. Courtney ran back home and brought her parents over to help with the rescue.

Thanks to Courtney's human "meowing" along with some cat food and cat toys, they were able to get the kitten out of the wheel well an hour and a half later.

All involved were amazed that the young cat survived the long-distance car ride.

"There were a lot of dangers in the engine and at any point and time if he stopped and she hopped out of the car, she'd be stranded in the middle of nowhere," said Dan DeValve, Courtney's dad.

The DeValves took the kitten to the veterinarian to be examined Monday. If everything checks out, they will add the feline to their pet family of four cats and one dog.

When it comes to naming the kitten, it sounds like "Lucky" might be worth considering.

"It's bizarre. It's the most bizarre thing I've probably ever experienced," laughed Ivancic.

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