Ndamukong Suh eliminated from Splash competition

Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh was eliminated from the reality show "Splash" on his first night of competition.

Suh was sent home after the judges decided to save Brandi Chastain, the former professional soccer player.

The program highlighted five competitors tonight, including Suh.  Each competitor's practice sessions with diving guru Greg Louganis were chronicled. 

During one of Suh's practice sessions, he cut his nose when he scraped it on the bottom of the pool. 

On his first attempt from the 10-foot springboard, Suh over-rotated and didn't enter the water perfectly.  

On his second attempt, when he was in a "dive-off" with Chastain, he executed more cleanly, but wasn't as sharp as Chastain. 

The judges appreciated his competitiveness and his improvement from dive to dive, but rewarded Chastain for her better execution.

Suh said Monday night, "I had a great time on the show.  It really increased my flexibility and it was an amazing challenge for my body and mind."

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