Museum Center announces Cleopatra exhibit

CINCINNATI - The Cincinnati Museum Center on Thursday announced a new exhibitcoming to the Queen City. The exhibit is called, "Cleopatra: TheSearch for the Last Queen of Egypt". It opens in February andCincinnati is only the second city in the entire world to host theexhibit.


The Museum Center held a news conference to make the bigannouncement. It included the unveiling of a huge banner worthy ofthe ancient queen who remains shrouded in mystery. The exhibitincludes about 150 artifacts dating back about 2,000 years. It alsofeatures the modern-day search of relics from both land andunderwater. The ancient cities where Cleopatra once reigned nearAlexandria are now submerged underwater, but the area is a goldmine for discovery. The exhibit features many statues, large andsmall, recovered from underwater.

The exhibition is organized by National Geographic and Arts andExhibitions International, with cooperation from the EgyptianSupreme Council of Antiquities and the European Institute forUnderwater Archaeology.

Tickets are on sale for the exhibit which opens on February 18and runs through September 5. The exhibit is expected to be verypopular and will likely draw thousands from not only the localarea, but the entire region. It is expected to provide a big boostto the local economy as visitors will stay in hotels, eat atrestaurants, and visit other local sites.