Local bakery makes mini Royal Wedding cakes

GLENDALE, Ohio - One of the most anticipated events in years takes place Friday, April 29 in London, England.

Prince William and Kate Middleton will tie the knot so we are going around the area to find out how local people feel about the Royal Wedding.

Bluebird Bakery in Glendale is making mini Royal Wedding cakes from the same recipe used for the historic event.

"It's a very traditional fruit cake recipe. Actually one of my customers, it was his mother's recipe and he passed it on to me. It has dried fruits, figs, dates, prunes and raisins," Jenny Dennis, the owner of Bluebird Bakery said.

Most of the mini Royal Wedding cakes will be going to the Royal Tea event at the Iron Horse Inn this week.

"The history of the Royal Family, obviously, here in Glendale, we're very much part of the historic community and just love traditions, so certainly the royal wedding is very appealing to many people.

The mini wedding cakes will also be sold to the general public at $4.95 per cake.

9 News spoke with Tina Hainer, a Cincinnati woman who currently lives in England. She explained everything that is going on in England.

"Every store you walk in is selling memorabilia, people are planning block  parties, the kids schools are planning parties," Hainer said.

Not everybody is falling into the royal wedding hype.

"I'm probably not going to watch it," Susanna Morse said. "I think 4 a.m. is a little early to get up and watch a wedding, maybe on the news later, but not at 4 in the morning."

What are your plans for the Royal Wedding? Let us know in the comment section below or by voting in our poll question.


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