Justin Bieber 911 call audio: Bieber tells 911 his name is Justin Johnson, paparazzi are chasing him

The Los Angeles City Councilman who called 911 after seeing Justin Bieber's car speed down a freeway last week says the whole thing was a "tragedy waiting to happen."

Dennis Zine says he expected to see a crash when Bieber's $100,000 electric sports car sped past him.

Bieber later told 911 dispatchers that paparazzi were chasing him and he was driving fast trying to lose them.

Zine says the chase went on for 15 miles and ended when highway patrol officers pulled the singer over and cited him for speeding.

The councilman has been behind a push for tougher punishments for photographers who break the law in their pursuit of celebrity photos.

Listen to Bieber's 911 call here:

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